Getting Older, Getting Bolder!

When it comes to aging, we tend to think of it in terms of inevitability rather than life expectancy. For many reasons, not all of us get to age, so those fortunate to live a long life get to see the world with all the accrued experience and wisdom picked up along the way. Instead of just romanticizing youth, we can also romanticize wisdom and experience. Plus, you're never too old to rebel, especially against structures that undermine and diminish your personhood, based simply on your continued existence. They say the older you get, the more set in your ways you become, but curiosity is ageless and from what I’ve witnessed, not immune to glitter. If you live in a body, you can put glitter on it, full stop. Sure, eye makeup techniques and foundation application methods may require some tweaking when it comes to mature skin, but with knowledge comes possibility.

Some of us who benefit from “aging privilege” (if anyone’s ever complimented you with “black don’t crack” or “Asian don’t raisin,” you know) have melanin to thank for its relentless grip on elastin — something I resented as a late-blooming teen with baby fat still in my cheeks but now I’m keenly aware is a blessing. It introduces an interesting curveball to aging stigmas because there really isn’t a standard timeline of what aging is “supposed to” look like for everyone, giving us even more reason to stop implicating this time crisis altogether, right? I’m hitting my mid-thirties in stride, having learned the importance of protecting and taking care of my skin now for the future (something my mom and her generation weren’t too bothered with, so she tells me) while we all chip away at beauty conventions, one dumb stigma at a time.

Age should never be a limitation on participating in the beauty world, so consider the below a renewed invitation to the world of beauty that now has a shade and formula to fulfill your most cosmetically-creative ambitions. You certainly do not need our permission, but maybe you’d like some inspiration. We tapped makeup artist, photographer, and Beauty Is Boring founder Robin Black to give you 12 gorgeously colorful, shiny, and vibrant makeup creations on models, all of whom’s careers cumulatively outspan the Hadids, the Jenners, and the Delevingnes combined.

Glossy, Bronze Eyes & Fuchsia Lips

Akure Wall wearing bronze eye makeup and fuchsia lipstick


Robin Black

"Glossy eyelids can be challenging, but this bronzed tone makes it a very wearable look," Black says. Matching a nude or a shade similar to your skin tone makes its migration slightly less noticeable when it creases. (Sorry, all gloss creases over time — that's just the way of the gloss.) "All eye glosses move but you can make it last longer by using a good eyelid primer and making sure not to get any of it on your actual lashes."


Copper and Orchid Eyes & Nude Lips

Akure Wall wearing purple eye makeup


Robin Black

"Unexpected color combinations like this shimmering copper and rich violet are a fun way to shake things up. Try using the shimmer with a damp brush to give it more pop. This vivid eye is best paired with a subtle lip and warm cheeks," Black suggests.


Bright Yellow Statement Eyes

Woman with long flowing white hair wearing bright yellow eye shadow


Robin Black

"Yellow is a surprisingly flattering shade on a wide variety of complexions. Be bold and fill in your entire eyelid with the brightest, matte yellow you can find. Make sure to use a good eyelid primer and be prepared to do some clean up after you blend — the fall out from yellow eye shadow will look like a fading bruise under the eye if you don't wipe it clean.

"Gillean has naturally pale lashes and rather than distract from the yellow, I skipped the liner. If you have dark lashes, try a soft brown mascara or simply curl your lashes and leave them bare."

Mod Blue Eyes & Pale Pink Lips

Woman with long white hair wearing pale blue eye makeup


Robin Black

"A bright pop of matte, pastel blue is the perfect spring [or] summer accessory. Pair this simple but striking eye with a natural, glowing complexion with shades of pink and peach. If you have darker lashes than Gillean, you can add a coat of black mascara or just leave them natural."

Peachy Eyes & Vinyl Coral Lips

Teruko Burrell wearing bright red lipstick


Robin Black

"For a truly lacquered lip look, fill in the lip with an opaque lipstick then top it with a matching lip gloss or one with a complementary color. Go back and dab a tiny bit more of the gloss right in the center of the bottom lip for an extra-reflective finish."


Graphic Denim Liner & Peachy-Nude Lips

Teruko Wall wearing dark blue negative space eye liner


Robin Black

"To create graphic shapes using powder, start by lightly spritzing your eye shadow with water. Swirl a small damp brush into the eye shadow and begin sketching out your shape on the eyelid. It's easy to make corrections, just use a pointed cotton bud dipped in your favorite micellar water."

Glittery Eyes & Red Lips

Marian Moneymaker wearing glitter eye shadow and red lipstick


Robin Black

"Glitter doesn't have to be a messy, difficult application. Try a glitter paste and simply pat a single shade over your entire eyelid. Stop right above the crease and use a little piece of tape to remove any excess."

Monochromatic, Metallic Pink

Marian Moneymaker wearing pink eye shadow


Robin Black

"Colored highlighters make for great eyelid color! Use a translucent or skin-colored primer underneath to really make them [appear more vibrant]."

Rhinestone Eyes and Disco Blush

asian model wearing pink rhinestones on eyes and bright pink blush draping


Robin Black

"Rhinestones may seem like a strictly editorial or pop star look, but they can be very wearable when applied delicately," Black says. "Try a single line of crystals, positioned in the center of your eyelid instead of right on the lashline. If you don't have enough lid space for this, move the crystals above your crease or right under your brow." Black says she always uses Duo Eyelash Glue when applying embellishments because it's safe for even sensitive skin and gentle to remove.

Hot Pink Vinyl Lips

Asian woman wearing bright hot pink shiny lipstick


Robin Black

Black keeps edges crisp with statement lip colors like this vibrant fuchsia. "To keep the lipstick from bleeding, use a small flat brush with a tiny bit of concealer on it and trace around the edges of the lip after you have applied the lipstick," she suggests.


Metallic, Teal Winged Shadow

Mature woman with long white hair wearing metallic teal eye shadow


Robin Black

Black prefers pencil or cream formulas for intense, sparkling colors like this teal, which also makes graphic shapes easier to create. Contrasted with peachy nudes, you get maximum color impact.


Coppery Sunset Eyes

mature woman with long white hair wearing coppery eye shadow and metallic red lipstick


Robin Black

A tip for covering up grays in your brows: "Try using a tinted brow gel. Make sure you select a formula that matches your natural brow color (or what it was prior to going gray)," Black advises. Her at-home brow tint of choice is Refectocil, for those who'd rather set-it-and-forget-it.

Makeup & photography: Robin Black

Hair: Sheridan Ward and Nancilee Santos

Models' quotes as told to Sable Yong

Amazing Article extracted from Allure By Sable Young

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